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Cringe-Worthy Invoices

Like you, I get angry when I feel taken advantage of. It bothers me so much that when Four Stripes Digital opened, being a decent human being while delivering excellent client service, is a massive priority.

We’ve seen many cringe worth invoices sent by other agencies and here’s some of the BS they charge stupid money for.

Platform Updates

“..it’s time to run a few updates on your website… The cost to do that is $180+gst” 😲 (What???)

Site Backups

“..site backups are crucial for security. We can do this regularly for $78+gst” 😲 (What???)

Small changes

CLIENT: “I want to change the contact details and update some of the images”

AGENCY: “Sure, that will be $220+gst”


If you think that’s cheeky, don’t get me started on the wait time for the simplest tasks.

at four stripes digital

Services like that make us sick and angry knowing you probably paid an invoice like that before!

Well, enough of that. Here’s what our clients experience!

Example 1:

These are actual screenshots of website change requests. Take note of the dates and the fact there is NO INVOICE for the changes!

Example 2:

These are actual screenshots of website change requests. Take note of the dates and the fact there is NO INVOICE for the changes!

Example 3:

These are actual screenshots of website change requests. Take note of the dates and the fact there is NO INVOICE for the changes!

Noticed how we don’t charge our clients for these changes?

Or that my first response wasn’t “Sure I can do that for you. Our hourly rate is $170+gst“.

For the past four years, we’ve NEVER invoiced a client to

– update plugins

– update the PHP version of their website

– update WordPress

– change a phone number

– update a photo

– keep the site secured

– website backup

The reason we don’t invoice for this is that they form part of the foundation of ‘Basic Website Maintenance’.

We don’t charge extra for it, because it’s not extra, it’s part of the service.

web hosting packages

Not only do our clients get this level of service AT NO EXTRA cost, but we also do everything you see listed below, every month.


web hosting
  • Disc Space – Unlimited
  • Bandwidth – Unlimited
  • Litespeed Web Server
  • Websites – 1
  • cPanel
  • Databases – Unlimited
  • SSL Certificate
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • On-Page SEO Pro Plugin
  • On-Page SEO Optimisation
  • Website Security
  • Performance Checks
  • Platform Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Site Analytics
  • Bi-Weekly Back-Ups
  • Monthly Website Performance Reports

Both packages include *General Maintenance i.e text and image updates. Our aim is to have all website support resolved between 24 – 72 hours. If this is not possible, we send you an email, letting you know – Mind Blowing Stuff (*I am very sarcastic as this should be the norm!)

“Sounds good and all, but how do I switch?”

Easy. All we need you to do is get us access to your website, or let your current provider know that we will be moving your site and we can act on your behalf – and we’ll do everything for you!!

“If I need any updates made, how do I request the change?”

Most of our clients simply email us with the changes they want or in some cases they give us a quick call. Whatever is easiest for you.

BariLife is one of NZ and Australia’s leading suppliers of Bariatric specific Multi-Vitamin and Protein products. Our products assist patients with their health needs post-Bariatric Surgery procedure or any gastric procedure or for a complete Multi-Vitamin solution for people who just want to make sure that all of their vitamin and mineral needs are covered. With a new product and brand that sought to make Vitamin supplementation a simple process and solve issues of vitamin or mineral deficiency – we looked at our marketing challenges with a view to capturing the market in a short space of time. Having an excellent product is one thing but to get the business to a viable state we needed to access mass sales and we were looking to get our message out via digital/social media to achieve this. This in itself introduced a whole new set of problems – Facebook has a lot of very difficult restrictions on the marketing of “Vitamins & Supplements” In the last 3 years, our business and sales have gone from strength to strength with sales doubling every year since we began – I do not believe this would have happened without Four Stripes Digital’s help. I had worked with Evie on previous digital marketing projects and decided to test how digital media would work for BariLife. The results and value for money from our program have been very solid. I recommend Evie and her team at Four Stripes Digital to any business that wishes to gain a market advantage by utilising a strong digital presence.

Stuart Jones

Owner, BariLife NZ & AUS

Four Stripes Digital have been instrumental in getting our AdWords and Google My Business performing not just well, but better than we expected. After a particularly bad experience with the first agency we used, Evie and Monique at Four Stripes Digital have restored my faith in the industry. Evie is especially responsive and just as excited as we are about the good results we get.

Jarod-Ford Mason

Owner, YourShout

We've seen impressive results from Four Stripes Digital. We were managing our Digital Marketing when Evie approached us about our Google Ad Campaigns. The Shift in results has given us substantial increases that have resulted in business growth and a number of new clients. Monique & Evie's approach is very professional but down to earth, their NO Bullshit attitude is refreshing in this industry. We have extended our portfolio with Four Stripes Digital because they are results-driven with great people skills. Thanks, team, we can't wait to see what 2022 brings.

Steve & Tracy

Owners, ST Concrete Contracting

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