Google Ads In A Nutshell

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Paid Ads

Google Ads can increase the profile of your business when the campaigns are implemented
correctly. The way we market our businesses has changed dramatically, we are seeing a lot less print marketing and a huge increase in the digital space. There is one big name when it comes to online advertising “Google” and it is one of the most effective methods of paid online advertising.

Google Ads is an effective tool for businesses to reach individuals who use Google to look for information online. When used correctly, Google Ads can send a high volume of people to your business who are interested in what you have to offer.

Google Ads are a way for companies to ensure that their landing page is one of the first search results on Google. This is done by paying for ads that will show up when someone searches for keywords related to the company. Google Ads can be a great way to increase traffic to a website, but it can also be expensive if not run effectively.

Through Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), you pay to have a Google ad for your business displayed to customers who search for relevant terms on Google Search and Maps. Google Ads is a key digital marketing tool for any business that is looking to get meaningful ad copy in front of its target audience and ultimately generate additional business.

How does Google Ads work?

Now that you have an understanding of Google Ads, you’re probably curious about how it actually

The Goal of Google Ads is to
● Increase calls to your business.
● direct more visitors to your store. – to make a purchase
● Guide people to your website or company landing page and engage your services
All Of these are fully measurable.

Ads can be delivered- globally or locally and of course, this is determined by your service area. We create ad copy and construct engaging content. Previously you were given 3 short sentences, to pitch your business and capture the attention of your audience. Google’s New Responsive ads allow you far greater licence. From any given 15 headlines google will deliver your business with the three that best match the searchers’ intent. Your Budget will determine the volume of searches you appear in throughout your allocated schedule. As your ads are served and clicked Google will subtract the cost per click from your daily budget. The goal here is to ensure that you are getting the best possible cost per click to get as much benefit from your campaigns. And this is where experience kicks in. And this is just one type of ad there are more……

Anyone can deliver a searcher. The benefit of Google Ads for the user is to have a campaign that delivers tangible results. Searches that become Customers. Otherwise, you’re just producing traffic and that’s expensive!
Your ads are important: They need to be matched to your goal

The five types of Google Ads

No two campaigns are exactly alike. Search Network campaign. Through a Search Network campaign, your ad will appear on not just Google Search and Maps but also on hundreds of other Google search partners, including YouTube and Google Shopping. On any of these sites, when users search terms related to a keyword for your campaign, they’ll see your ad. Display Network campaign. Through a Display Network campaign, you can get visual ads in front of people using products in the Google Display Network, including Gmail and YouTube. Shopping campaign. Through a Shopping campaign, Google will use your web store’s product data, instead of a user’s keyword, to determine how and where within Google Shopping to show your ad. Video campaign. Through a Video campaign, your company will be promoted via a video ad displayed on YouTube and other Google Display Network properties.

App campaign. Through an App campaign, your ad will be displayed on Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, AdMob, the Google Display Network, Google Discover, Google’s search partners and many other publishers that display app ads.

How much does Google Ads cost?

The cost of Google Ads can vary depending on your business and what you’re hoping to achieve with your ad campaigns. There’s no easy answer that fits everyone, but the good news is that you can afford it. The bad news is that there’s no easy way to determine how much it will cost you without knowing more about your business and goals. And that’s where we do our due diligence for your campaigns.

Different businesses in different industries will have different costs. Additionally, customer lifecycle, current trends, and how well you managed campaigns are, will affect your costs. We Aim to deliver A high Quality – High Converting Campaign – so we do our homework when we build your campaigns, we don’t just guess. It’s a process.

What are the services you offer?

Where do you service?

Is there an area of growth you want to target within your business?
How much additional business are you wanting to generate?
What are these potential customers worth?
How much growth do you want to achieve?

These are all Vital questions to running an effective Google Ad Campaign.

The one thing you can be certain of with Google Ads is that It works. Having them managed for you allows you to focus on working to your strengths, while we drive your audience to you.

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