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What we will cover in your session

  • Provide you with a comprehensive domain overview
  • Identify the top 3 online competitors for your business
  • Identify the top 5 keywords your business ranks for
  • Complete our 3-point digital footprint check
  • Marketing advice

Domain Overview

The domain overview report will give a clear indication as to what your current digital footprint looks like and how your site compares to your competitors.

Online Competitors

Knowing exactly who your online competitors are, is extremely useful and can be completely different from our offline competitors. We will give you the top 3 online competitors for your business.

3-Point Check

We’ll complete our 3-Point digital footprint check on your business and point out any marketing gaps or missed opportunities that your business can take advantage of.

Marketing Advice

This is your opportunity to ask us any advertising question that you need a professional answer to. We will give you non-biased advice to help your business grow, in the right direction!