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The BIG Struggle

Exhausted juggling hats? Feeling like you’re drowning in to-do lists and chasing leads that never convert? You’re not alone. Running a small business is a rollercoaster, and staying ahead of the marketing game can feel like an impossible juggling act. Between crafting social media posts, nurturing leads, chasing down invoices, responding to reviews and customer care where do you even find the time to grow your business?

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September ’23

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65% of New Zealand SMEs have not yet utilised AI, meanwhile almost a quarter of small businesses using it say it has had a positive impact on their business

The struggle is real

4 Road Blocks SME Owners Continue To Face In 2024

1) Feeling Burnt Out

You’re hustling 24/7, pouring your heart and soul into every hat you wear, but the results just don’t match the effort. It’s enough to make even the most passionate entrepreneur want to throw in the towel.

2) Staying Consistent

Maintaining momentum is tough when you’re wearing every hat in the company. One month of sales and the next not knowing where money is going to come from.

3) Leads Not Being Nurtured

You pay for marketing to capture emails, and fill out online forms, but then…crickets. Converting those leads into paying customers is more than just wishful thinking – it needs targeted nurturing and strategic follow-up.

4) Data Graveyards

You’re collecting all this customer information, but translating it into insights? That’s like trying to navigate the Amazon rainforest with a broken compass. You’re lost, frustrated, and wasting precious time.

 👉  there is a solution – automation  👈

How Automation Found “Its Place” In Mark’s Business

Mark, the owner of a local Concrete company, had built his business from the ground up, pouring his sweat and expertise into every project. He knew concrete inside and out, but marketing? That was a different story. Between managing crews, quoting jobs, and ensuring smooth project deliveries, keeping track of leads and nurturing them felt like an extra shift on top of an already long day.

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He’d post updates on Facebook, but engagement was sporadic, and his email list was a graveyard of lost opportunities. Every new lead felt like a lottery ticket, and Mark was tired of playing the odds. He needed a way to automate the marketing side of things, free up his time for what he did best, and watch his business truly solidify its foundation.

This is where marketing automation stepped in, becoming the cement that held his growth strategy together.

By setting up automated campaigns and using data-driven insights, Mark was able to:

  • Capture leads with targeted ads and landing pages.
  • Nurture those leads with personalized email sequences.
  • Schedule follow-up calls and appointments automatically.
  • Track customer interactions and measure campaign performance.

This freed him up to focus on building relationships, delivering quality work, and expanding his service offerings. His business started attracting more qualified leads, converting them into loyal customers, and ultimately, pouring a strong foundation for sustainable growth.

Boosting Chloe’s Business With Automation

Chloe, the owner of a local hair salon had a knack for wielding scissors like wands, transforming tresses into dazzling visions. But when it came to the business side of things, her enthusiasm frizzed. Booking appointments was a tangled mess of phone calls and missed texts. Nurturing clients felt like chasing butterflies – fleeting and frustrating. And worst of all, the precious hours she craved to spend working her magic in the chair were swallowed by scheduling, marketing, and endless social media updates.

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Chloe dreamt of longer locks of time with her clients, crafting bespoke styles and building those bonds that make hairstyling more than just a haircut. She longed to break free from the appointment-booking blues and the client-retention cobwebs.

Then, like a smoothing serum for her business woes, marketing automation swooped in.

With automated appointment booking integrated into her calendar, Chloe waved goodbye to phone tag and hello to 24/7 convenience for her clients. Personalized email campaigns kept her regulars coming back for more, like clockwork reminders for root retouches and seasonal specials. Social media magic took care of itself, scheduling engaging posts and managing interactions, freeing Chloe to focus on what she did best – weaving hair wizardry.

Suddenly, her business wasn’t just a salon; it was a thriving hub of creativity and connection. Chloe had more time to chat with clients, understand their hair journeys, and let her artistic vision flourish. And as satisfied smiles multiplied and bookings filled the calendar, Chloe finally found the rhythm of a business that flowed as effortlessly as her signature waterfall braid.


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