Grants Available

Business Advice

Business Advice can help with areas like financial planning and cash flow management, developing your marketing strategy, creating a digital media plan, or help with your overall business management, continuity, and strategy. Remember, you only need to register once for Business Advice and/or Implementation Grants.

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Implementation Grant

An Implementation Grant can help you put your business advice or plan into operation. Many businesses can see a way forward and have plans ready to go but might not have the cash reserves to make it happen. This grant can put you in touch with the experts and services you may need to move forward.

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How We Can Help

Web Design & Development

We build custom websites that convert casual browsers into paying customers. Combining modern web design with proven SEO principles and a mobile-first approach, our websites offer the perfect blend of style and function.

Google Ads

Catapult your way to the top of the search engine results page and ensure your business can be found when your audience comes knocking. Google Ads are the single fastest way to grow your business and attract qualified leads.


Using Facebook’s powerful targeting tools and a deep understanding of your target audience, we create and manage high-impact advertising campaigns tailored to your business objectives.

The Knowledge Nugget

Spend an hour or more with one of our experts in a Knowledge Nugget session where you can get help with any marketing or website-related question. Get what you need without hiring a team.

Content Creation

Creating content that captures your audience through “stand out” graphics and text that sells you as a business. We create content that SCREAMS how awesome your business is.


Domain, Website and Email hosting can be a technical nightmare. Having these services taken care of by our team eliminates stress and hassle for you and your business.  

Four Stripes Digital

Marketing For Small Businesses

So, here’s the deal. Four Stripes Digital is a digital marketing agency. We provide marketing solutions to help small businesses succeed online. We do this through the use of digital marketing tools like Facebook Advertising, Google Ads and smart web design – practical, time-tested tools that deliver real-world results. Our strategies are built to fit your business goals and we never try to upsell you on things you don’t need. Clarity is king and we want to be certain that you always understand where your money is going, and why.

Grow Your Business With A Marketing Team That Cares As Much As You Do

We’re on a mission to help New Zealand businesses succeed online. It takes time, trust and hard work to build lasting relationships – and we’re all for it.

19 Wellington Street, Howick, Auckland, 2014

09 242 1821