Well Hello There!

I am Monique Human (on the left), and I am Evie Todd (on the right). It’s really great to meet you. Funny thing this – talking about yourself – It’s definitely not our strong suit but here we go.

our story

How it all started…

At the end of 2018, both of us worked for the same employer, a digital marketing agency based in Auckland City. Evie was a general manager at the time and I (Monique), was one of the web developers. 

The agency we worked for was starting to have financial problems and it was safe to say that nearing December 2018, the writing was on the wall. 

Start of 2019, Evie and I came together and decided we had to do something as things were now starting to look really bad. Wages weren’t being paid, the office building was let go, and the owner was becoming more erratic and unpredictable.

I am sure that you can gather a lot went down that I am not sharing, but the bottom line was we had to get out QUICK.

While working for this agency, there were many things both Evie and I agreed were not only unprofessional but downright unethical and during many of our conversations decided that we will start our marketing agency and do the complete opposite of what’s been going on there.

So on the 18th of March 2019, Four Stripes Digital was born.

We were still unsure exactly what services we will offer but we knew that whatever we did, client service will be at the heart of every decision we make.

So our journey started. As new business owners things were rough. Every day was a grind to get clients, every day we had to prove ourselves, to show other business owners that we can do this, that we can help them.

Months went by and our business started to grow.

But just as things were moving the in the right direction – 2020: ALONG CAME COVID. What a massive disruption that was. If your business owner, I don’t have to explain anything to you nor do I want to relive the stress.

Once Covid “settled” we shifted gears and what felt like starting from nothing, we got to work.

Eager to help business owners more than we have before. Extending a helping hand and in most cases to the detriment of our own business.

In 2021 through 2022 we were finally ready to get more staff members and really light a fire under our business. Being inexperienced with hiring staff we soon fell into the trap of staff over-promising and under-delivering and took a massive hit.  

welcoming 2023

It’s time to reinfusion
Four Stripes

Looking back at the strides we have made over the past four years, the number of small business owners we helped and the obstacles we faced with our own business, 2023 started with one goal in mind – become the business we know Four Stripes can be.

Super corny isn’t it?

Giggling as I am typing that, but it’s so true.

Last year I started my self-development journey and this year things are starting to fall into place for me personally and that can only have a positive effect on our business.

So here’s the goal for 2023 –

Establish ourselves as a boutique agency working with SMEs in NZ and AUS that crafts powerful marketing tactics to drive change.

No more hoping and praying

Gaurenteed Communication and Transparent Service

Don't leave it up to fate – together we can take the necessary steps to turn your business dreams into a reality.